Unwanted products in shop

Once again I have cell phone designs on every type of products all over my shop. :angry:

Deactivating products is not possible (bug?) so only way to get rid of them was to delete the design itself.

And once again the dog bandana is activated for every design in my shop. :angry:

And some products that were set to specific colors now have different product colors activated. :angry:

Edit: Seems to be tank tops and long sleeve tees.

And red/white colors on baseball caps have been activated on all white designs. :angry:

Hey @J-M-E,

could you please give me a DesignID for the cellphone-design? I will check that.
Your mentioned issue with the wrong productcolors is a known bug - we’re on it and hope to fix it soon.
Regarding the cap - black was still set as default. If we launch new productcolors they will be added to your productrange. But you can easily deactivate those colors in your Partnerarea. I already deactivated white/red for the mentioned design.

I had to delete those designs; the overtake button for deactivating products turned red with a white cross when I pressed it and nothing happened. So no DesignID.

So every time you add new colors I have to go through every design to deactivate the product colors that don’t fit the design colors? That’s A LOT of work with nearly a thousand different designs on my accounts. I never had to do that in the old partner area.

And why are my shops suddenly full of bandanas and dog bandanas?

Ahoy @J-M-E

So every time you add new colors I have to go through every design to deactivate the product colors that don’t fit the design colors?

unfortunatly yes. But as long as the default color is set this should be no big issue for the customers. Even if they now have the possibility to chose other colors - they wouldnt change it to white for a white design. For all other non white designs the new productcolor is a useful addition because you dont have to add the new productcolor for all of your designs manually.

Now the bandana issue:
this is a bit tricky but a known issue: In the PartnerArea you can turn on and off the products you want. Some productcategories are turned on as default. Bandanas were set as default in a short timeframe. But we also had a Bandana-stockout in the same timeframe which is why they didn’t appear in the PA (allthough bandanas as a productcategory was still turned on by default) and you weren’t able to turn them off. Later on we introduced new bandanas which were automaticly added to all designs where the bandana-category where turned on…
So the bandana storry doesn’t affect all designs but some designs which were uploaded in a specific timeframe. Unfortunatly there is no other way than turning them off manually. I’m sorry for that.

Would be great if we could choose for ourselves if we wanted new colors added automaticly. :thinking:

You should be! :angry:

So how do I know wich designs were affected by the bandana issue? In the old area I could show product types and bulk delete. Please :pray: don’t tell me I have to go into each and every design of mine to check if bandanas are activated.