Wieso gibt's soviele deutschsprachige Designs auf internationalen Marktplätzen?

Wieso gibt’s eigentlich soviele deutschsprachige Designs auf internationalen Marktplätzen?

Wird es im Prüfungsprozess nicht korrigiert, wenn jemand beim Veröffentlichen den Button “für alle Sprachen übersetzen” aktiviert hat, obwohl sich das Design nur für D / A / CH eignet?

Wenn man alles, was sich z.B. auf dem UK-Marktplatz tummelt und “deutsch-spezifisch” ist, melden würde, käme man aus dem Melden gar nicht mehr heraus. :weary:


Hallo Spreadshirt-Moderatoren-Team!

Ist wohl noch mit einer Stellungnahme zu dieser Fragestellung zu rechnen? :wink:

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I’ve seen very bad, but very funny automatic translations of names of designs on Spreadshirt.

Allthought I mostly design in English (text) and I name most of my designs in English (for sales in different countries) I don’t really like that the automatic translations can be so bad. There’s plenty of room for improvement in that area, so it seems.


It’s not about the translations. It’s about designs themself on the englisch marketplace, containing german text.
In some cases, this may be justified, as there are certainly German-speaking citizens in the UK, but in this mass it seems really disturbing.

The strange translations are a completely different issue, which is also very annoying.


I knew that, but I found the topic relevant enough to mention the translations :wink:

But I can imagine that some designers/shops will want to reach German speaking customers in different countries as well, so it doesn’t surprise me that there are German designs on the international marketplace. I see no reason to exclude those.


Maybe you’re right, but then you could also offer one and the same marketplace for all countries.
I’m sure someone has already thought about it and there are good arguments for setting up a separate marketplace for each language.

I think separate marketplaces have the benefit of being smaller ‘ponds to fish in’ so that designs have less competition to deal with. So I think both marketplaces have value and it should be up to the designer/shop to decide if they want a design to be available on one or both.

Most of my designs I make available for the international marketplace as well, but some designs I make available for just the Dutch marketplace because that makes more sense in that case.