Workaround - embedding your shop into FB pages

The guys over here have found a nice workaround on how to display a shop or POD profile page
inside a FB page.

Has anyone of you tried something similar or got this set up running?

I failed with a js. embedded shop under an unique domain, but maybe it works with ownstanding shops.
Let me have your feedback!

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Problem accessing /lesyeuxfertiles/. Reason:

Method Not Allowed

Spreashirt API needed?

Yep, I got that error message, too. And I was hoping that I was overseeing something something.
Thanks for testing!

Dear Friends, how i can add a product to the created page in Facebook? I do not understand something or im to far away to understand ;DDD

The method explained here does not work. And will probably never work.

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Hey there!
are you relying on this requested method or in general?

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Yes… it’s one thing to have a shop on Facebook than sharing your items there and redirecting elsewhere. What are you trying to do? :slight_smile:

Hey guys!
Maybe i do not understand how its working. I made all process and then? What i should to do? should i upload my products, or it is work just for share?
Thank youu

Hey Karim,

my initial post was supposed to gather feedback and to see if someone made this function get to work properly.
State of now: Running a Shop on FB through the mentioned method is NOT working.

What you can do, is to use our product feed feature upload model images or promotional images of your products and
tag these with the products from your shop.

I´d like to close this thread to avoid more confusion. If you have detailed questions regards to using the product feed, feel free to open a dedicated thread :slight_smile:


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