Your file can’t be read. Delete it or upload a different version

Hi There
I have uploaded a few SVG files that I converted in Illustrator and one I converted online using Adobe’s free conversion tool. I can upload them fine to Spreadshirt but I get the " Your file can’t be read. Delete it or upload a different version." error. I uploaded it to another site and it was instantly usable.

Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Jason,

I remember that there was a problem regarding Adobe Illustrator, that you had to save the SVG or ai in an older version.

This should help you:

“Our printers are currently able to use .ai files up to the C18 version, and .svg files without CSS styles. If you have created your designs with the newer Illustrator software, you need to save the finished file as an older .ai version . And with .svg files , the CSS properties need to be changed to presentation attributes when saving the file. We’re already working on improving the upload options for vector files.”

One question for my understanding, your printer systems are running on C18 version of AI which would be from 2014 and therefore rather antique. Or do you mean with C18 as the C language revision which would then be from 2018 and somehow outdated as well.

OK, so I tried to save it as Illustrator CC (Legacy) & Illustrator CS6, and neither of those worked when I uploaded it

to Spreadshirt. I also try to export SVG with Presentation Attributes and still the system tells me it can’t be read.


Are all your vectors closed and no FXs, layer effects, etc. applied? Letter/Text converted in graphics?