A.I. generated designs are all Public Domain, so they cannot be on Spreadshirt

After a court ruling, it is stated that A.I.-generated images are not eligible for copyright.

This means that, per Guidelines of Spreadshirt, you are not allowed to sell A.I.-generated designs on the website.

Welcome back from holidays, legal team :wink:

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I’ve read on the websites for DALL.E and Midjourney that the people making the ‘art’ don’t have any rights for them. Having a paid account gives ‘artists’ more rights. At the moment they are of course ‘training’ the programs with as many people as possible. So I think the rights won’t be set in stone for a while.

The rights could also be different when AI is used only as a first draft for ideas that are finalised in other programs. But it is important keep and eye on the matter.