Rejected public domain image

How can they reject a public domain image.
Public domain means it has no copyright or trademark.
So why did I get 2 public domain images rejected?


Public domain images are not allowed.

Rights Unaccounted

As a Designer, you can earn money with your ideas at Spreadshirt. Protecting rights of use and copyrights is in your best interest. Generally, we’ll refuse to publish designs if we’re unable to directly trace or connect the design to you. Even if a design is labelled as public domain content by third parties, the rights of use might not be clearly stated. If this is the case, then we must reject the design. All in all, we want to avoid multiple offers and err on the safe side. If you’re the actual creator of a design and have questions or concerns, please contact

Public domain rights are clearly stated. They are not copy rightable. No one own any copyright on it.

It‘s forbidden to upload public domain to avoid countless of the same designs on the marketplace, not because of copyright.

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I added my own text and some other things to it.

If a platform provides and allows to sell their public domain content that doesnt automatically mean that another platform (like Spreadshirt) is not allowd to set their own rules what they want to sell on their platform.
In this case we just dont allow 3rd party content - no matter if it is public domain or not to avoid the very same content from every uploading partner.

And that is the reason why public domain content can be rejected.

It’s a stupid policy that needs to change. No everyone is an artist.
Lots of people use clipart in their designs.
That should not be a reason to reject them.

Maybe, spreadshirt is not the correct platform for YOU then.