Not copyrighted , but gets rejected

It seems 99% of my designs that have clipart of public domain images gets rejected.
My stuff even gets rejected that have no artwork.
I have a design that says just smoke it, and a blunt with smoke coming out.
Than they tell me it’s copyright issue.

Ahoy @designedbyjohn

First of all: just deal with our guidelines, so you can avoid rejections. We always reject designs that come from third parties, even if they are royalty-free.
You will find the guidelines here:

And second: A design of Nikes “Just do it” with a blunt but in the same composition - are you really wondering why it was rejected? What is your point on blaming us?
And Third: currently you have round about 200 designs in your account and I found only 7 designs that got rejected So that doesnt make 99% Rejectionrate. Of course it can be that you already deleted the rejected ones. But as mentioned above: there are reasons and there are rules.

Best Rico

I said 99% of my things with public domain images get’s rejected.
Public domain images are not copyrighted. It should not be automatically deleted.
Just smoke it, is not the same as Nike just do it.

Public domain and freeware images are also not allowed.
If such stuff should be allowed, everybody would publish all the same designs - how boring.
Just be creative and design your own ideas.

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As I said in first place: also royalty free (which includes public domain designs) are not allowed.
If 99% of such content was rejected it surely is a good indicator not to use such content :wink:
And I’m also kind of happy that our systems detected 99% of this content.

Best Rico