Feature Request: Select the default product to show up in search pages


It seems than the English part of the forum is more active than the French one, so I transfer here this message from @Genial_shirt: Suggestion : Produit par defaut lors de recherche MP

To resume, he’s asking the possibility to choose the default product to show up in the marketplace pages.

I share the same need for my designs: you often present less accurate products in first position.
Especially for designers who activate all the different existing products in order to offer the biggest choice, but then you show up a 70 years old birthday quote on a baby bib!

Ahoy @NoNaked,

thank you for reminding me to answer in the french forum. And sorry that we didn’t see it earlier.
Your feature request isn’t new to us - we heard it from time to time.
This feature would have an effect on the so called gift-listpages on our marketplace where we show a wide productrange.
What would happen if everyone would be able to chose the shown product - most partners would chose a T-shirt and we wouldnt be able to show the desired wide of productrange anymore.
Besides that - the customer only comes to these gifts listpages via search from the spreadshirt homepage. But the majority of customers comes directly via google to a productdetailpage or to a productspecific listpage. So this feature request doesnt have such a great impact for the marketplace as you think it would.

BUT: It surely would be reasonable for the showroom of each partner. Therefore we added this request to our request list. But I cant say when or even whether this wish comes true because currently we have a lot of other projects with higher priorities.

Understood, thanks