The New Commissionmodell

Can you remove all designs just from the create tool? Considering options with regards to sales so this information would be useful.

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Hi @ChilliFox,
is this a request to remove the designs from CYO and just sell on the MP? Could also be that I just don´t get it :see_no_evil: sorry. So I´d rather ask.

Hi Alex, you got it right - just selling on MP and External MP rather than CYO… though am asking if it’s possible to weigh up options at this stage.

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Alright, no problem. I just want to let you know, that an Opt-Out for the CYO means you opt out for all of your designs of a specific account. Unfortunately this can´t be done on a individuall design base.

So take the offical route and please contact with your request and the Subject Line: CYO Opt-Out.

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Thank you, Alex. Yes, I understand that will be all design affected, that does make it easier :slight_smile:

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What is this???
Order sent and paid but Zero earning?? I don’t understand

Hey @mycastillo,

I will check that.

Hey @mycastillo,

I looked into that order. Your design was ordered once in a bigger order but the whole order was returned. Unfortunatly the statistics dont show this return correctly. We’re on it to fix this.

Thank you for your reply.

The order waiting for the order a few days ago was gone and only two orders were seen. And what if the visible order and import situation are not correct? I’m losing faith in the Spreadshirt .It’s confusing for the seller who checks it every day. I hope you fix it soon!

I also hope that this will be fixed soon.

I’ve seen sales come in that had a discount on it for larger quantities of products. I get that Spreadshirt wants to give the customer a discount for larger quantities (that’s logical), but the way it’s set up now I make less than 100% of my fee for a design, when a customer orders a larger quantity. Larger quantities should mean more than 100% fee for the designer. This could be a little extra for every product a customer buys.

“Actions speak louder than words” is something that is true both in personal life as well as in business. Saying you appreciate your ‘partners’ is worth less than showing your ‘partners’ you appreciate them. Seeing this tiny amount come in for a larger quantity of products makes me feel more like a ‘cash cow’ than a ‘partner’.

I really hope Spreadshirt will show us more appreciation in the future because this doesn’t really feel right.



You mean like less than 1,00€ (0,97€ to be precise) after taxes per (Polo-) shirt? Well, that would be a nice treat!

That is an accurate description. :ok_hand:


I’ve been told and read of course in the T&C that ‘quantity discount’ reduces our earnings by a certain percentage but the below example shows this is not the case.

Same product, both sold on the marketplace, 1 product sold earns me €0,75 but at least 6 products sold earns me €0,69 (‘kwantumkorting’ means ‘quantity discount’). Both sales state (in the top) that it was 1 product, but the bottom sale states ‘quantity discount’ and should then be 6-100 products. Yet that 1 sale without ‘quantity discount’ makes me more money than the one with ‘quantity discount’.

If the fee for one product is (in this case) €0,75 and I sell at least 6 products, then my earnings should be around 6 x €0,69 = €4,14 (depending on percentage of discount and quantity). So it very much looks like I get paid for only 1 product in a sale that is a ‘quantity discount’ sale. And designers/shops are kept in the dark about the amount of products sold in a ‘quantity discount’ sale as well. So from what I see the statement that my fee is only lowered by a percentage is not true. And I can’t imagine that Spreadshirt uses the term '‘quantity discount’ (or ‘kwantumkorting’) when it’s not apliccable.

Hi Brandnewdesigns,

it means that one of the X products that the customer bought was yours, and the other 5-10 were products with designs from other designers. So the customer got a discount on his complete order which you were only a part of.

That is fairly normal and happens all the time.

It would be nice to know what the other products/designs were, that the customer bought, but that is something we will never know.

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I have never heard of a quantity discount on a group of different products. The quantity discounts I ever saw were in cases where a customer can order larger quanties of 1 product and if you wanted a different product too it would have it’s own separate pricing depending on the quantity of that product. I deal mostly with printing of corporate identities and other paper printables. Giving a discount when you have 6-100 setup times for 6-100 different products seems strange to me and I have not read anything in the T&C about that being possible here.

And it would have been way more clear when it would say in the top of my sale ‘1 product out of 6’ for instance…

The product (in your case a sticker) is the same, but with different designs on them. So he will get a discount for the amount of stickers (6-10) the customer ordered.

It would be more clear to have it written in some place.

To me a product is a medium (sticker or shirt for instance) with it’s own design, so I wouldn’t call 6 different stickers 1 product. I guess this way of seeing it (which is common in graphic design) was the reason why this ‘quantity discount’ situation was very confusing to me. But then I do wonder, does ‘quantity discount’ apply to a quantity of different mediums as well?

The whole so-called “new Commissionmodel” is a huge disaster for all designers.
There is a thread on volume discounts in the German forum since 1.5 years:

There @Pia_Spreadgroup wrote in September 2023:

So far, however, one waits in vain for positive innovations.
As paltry as the design commissions currently are, they should ideally not be further reduced by discounts.


Assuming this link provides correct info, it seems Spreadshirt profits a lot from giving away a substantial part their ‘partners’ fee to please Spreadshirt customers. You would think there would be enough money to treat ‘partners’ a little better…