Why is designing different for creators?

Hey there
I originally got onto spreadsheet because of this design page. I liked how it felt, how easy it was etc.

However, the design page for shop owners and creators seems a lot less intuitive and more limited? I understand that the reason for the “upload design first” system is due to copyright issues, but once we have approved designs, is there no way to access this simple intuitive version of the product designer?

And if there isnt: is there a way to add several designs to ONE sleeve? In the original product designer I could simply upload several designs and drag them both onto the sleeve. In the design options for creators it seems to be 1 design per printarea only, and not even that works properly; I added a design to the front and onto the right sleeve, yet it forces it into the back of the product while the sleeves remain empty.


You need to upload a vector file.